Finding a last-minute flight can be a real headache, not to mention the additional charges and fine print in airline regulations related to overnight purchases.

These issues may turn the purchase of a plane ticket into a torture for the corporate traveler or the people who are responsible for the organization of business trips.

Hence, a travel agency with expertise in corporate trips is the best option to optimize these activities while keeping the organization’s expenses under control, especially if it regularly invests in flights and accommodation for its employees.

Expenditure organization and control will greatly improve your business productivity.

Think less about your trip and more about your job

The first major advantage is the time you’ll save in organizing your trip -from planning a route, to searching for flights and comparing prices-. An agency will solve everything in a simple way, which makes it the best option when it comes to last-minute travels.

Organizing a trip can be very time-consuming, and even if you don’t have enough time to plan it, you can’t afford to miss out on a business opportunity or fail to serve a troubled customer.

In addition, for VIP travelers who need to meticulously plan every aspect of their trip, an agency can develop a customized plan to facilitate their work, in line with the executive’s agenda and commitments.


Gain advantages                                                                 

Another major benefit are the trade agreements signed among the agencies and the airlines, through which they can offer preferential rates and space to fly in hectic times, such as the holiday seasons.

Corporate travel agencies are also aware of the needs of business travelers, and offer a wide range of additional services designed to make their lives easier.

Emergencies and around-the-clock assistance

Finally, to ask an agency to organize your business trips ensures you will have their support and attention at every moment of your journey, since their package will include travel insurance and all the necessary assistance during your trip.

Remember that when you travel, you will find yourself in a different environment, occasionally with a different language, that you may experience health issues or problems of any kind, and therefore, having the adequate and trained staff is essential.

Let Anfitriones help you organize this part of the job, which isn’t always simple. You just take care of your work commitments and, why not, catch a glimpse of the city you are visiting.

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