How Hostesses always try to bring our clients the latest trends and events with emotions are one of them, which seeks to make corporate events that connect with attendees more intimately.

According to Raymond Torrents, one of the greatest experts in the organization of commercial events in the world, emotions are the key to attract customers to our event and better capture their attention.

According to the expert, emotions are tools that the brain uses to help us digest the environment better and react to it, something that has not changed with the passage of time.

“We have a primitive brain that, like it or not, has evolved very little in the last thousands of years … Emotional communication is to ensure that it is much more effective,” says the specialist writer of ‘Company Events. The power of live communication. ‘

If we are able to generate an emotional conversation, the brain will understand that it is relevant and this will allow us to have more chances of success with our event, no matter what its objective.

Taking advantage of the emotions of your assistants in your favor can be a great idea to generate more successful launches, have more prosperous fundraisers and build a brand identity that connects directly with customers.

The highest level of these types of events are called neuroevents and are custom designed for your event. In its organization, the public is analyzed in order to transmit specific emotions, in which the five senses are used and specialists participate in the organization of corporate events.

This type of events will be a trend in the world of corporate events in the following months, according to the report “Trends in event organization”, of Eventbrite, one of the most important digital platforms in event management.

Before starting to plan the emotional charge, the first thing you should think about is what do you want to transmit to your assistants? Joy or seriousness? Exclusivity or inclusivity? No answer is better than another, it simply must adapt to your brand and your goal.

As Hosts we are specialists in the conceptualization of events and experiences, as well as the production of creative events, tools that will be used to find new clients and better connect with the ones you already have.

Sources: Eventbrite, Raymond Torrents, Event Management Institute.

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