The social media have become the ideal site to broadcast events and do business, based on an immediacy and reach that can exponentially increase the business opportunities of a company that knows how to profit from it.

Viral contents have proved they are a tool to socialize information, and that they are not divorced from the business world. Now, it is time to profit from them and gain prospects in the virtual world.

6 tips to promote a viral event and be a smashing hit in the social media:

1.Create easy-to-share content

Make sure that all the internet-based content you create is displayed correctly on any device, and always place a visible button to encourage your visitors to share that content.

2.Have someone actively working on social media

Someone must provide a real time answer to every comment about your event. To encourage conversation on the social media is an excellent idea to draw algorithms’ attention and bring you up to the top organically.

3.Build an online community

Create an event on Facebook or LinkedIn and take advantage of all their tools to create segmented groups, which you should constantly feed with content of their interest and keep them updated on each event.

4.The media love video content

For the last couple of years now, video content has become a trend. The social media such as Instagram and Facebook have leaned towards streaming and video formats.

5.Take advantage of the unique qualities of each social medium

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are your great allies, but you must design a different strategy for each of them in order to make the most of their qualities. For example, Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags.

6.Promote the event with your speakers and guests

You should take advantage of the word of mouth because nothing will be better than a direct recommendation to put you on the radar of a new prospect. Ask your employees, speakers or guests to share the event on the media.


Lastly, always remember to be professional, because the internet is a two-edged weapon, and being viral is not necessarily positive. These tips will help you build a viral business in the best of senses. So reach out to professionals and achieve your goals.

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