19 September 2018


3 reasons to work with a corporate travel agency

Finding a last-minute flight can be a real headache, not to mention the additional charges and fine print in airline regulations related to overnight purchases.

These issues may turn the purchase of a plane ticket into a torture for…

18 October 2018


Succeed in business and the social media with a viral event

The social media have become the ideal site to broadcast events and do business, based on an immediacy and reach that can exponentially increase the business opportunities of a company that knows how to profit from it.

Viral contents have proved they are a tool to socialize information, and that they are not divorced from the business world…

18 October 2018


Bring the 80’s back

f you want to differentiate, a theme party could be a great idea to break from the boring office routine. Giving your employees a reason to put on a costume is always a good option if you want them to have fun and spend an unforgettable evening.

The 80’s are a time that lives in…

8 October 2018