Social networks have become the best allies of companies to advertise their products or services, and live broadcasts are an indispensable tool to reach the audience they want.

In addition, these digital platforms are increasingly inclined towards multimedia content, as new generations seek more than photos and text, they look for videos and live broadcasts, more entertaining and dynamic.

Corporate events are no exception and in recent years the tendency is to transmit all kinds of events in real time, which exponentially increases the reach of a brand.

The live have become the ace up the sleeve of Google and Apple for the launches of their new products.

However, to broadcast a corporate event via streaming it is necessary to pay special attention to all the technical and logistical details, because being live the magic of the edition will not be able to save you if you make an error.

The specialists recommend that before the event you visit the location, so that you know from what point you are going to transmit and do not decide at the last minute.

You should also be clear about the objective of why it is that you are transmitting that event, that is, in what way it is interesting for your audience and how it can support the commercial objectives of your organization.

You must take into account the following:

Increase engagement
Reach the right audience
Viralize your content.
Improve the user experience.
Allows live interaction
Increase the visibility of your brand.
Help identify the interests of your consumers.
Increase the organic reach of your account.
Position your brand as an expert.
Increase the conversion rate.

If you already know which of all the previous points you want to achieve, it is time to decide which is the ideal social network for your transmission: Facebook live, YouTube or Twitter.

Also, it is important that you define if you will share the video later, so that anyone can see it, or if it is the transmission of the moment, which gives it a touch of exclusivity. The dissemination of your event on social networks is the cherry on the cake of your event, so it is important that you consider the support of influencers or communication specialists.

Although it seems very simple you should not underestimate the live broadcasts, remember that you have no margin for error so having expert hands on the subject will not be a bad idea.

In Hosts we have what you need to make your event a success in the place where you carry it out, but also in social networks. We have the experience so that your live broadcast takes your brand much further.

Sources: VIMEO, Postedin, Event Blog Manager.

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